about us

We are Andrea and Frank and we live on Boa Vista since 2011.


At the beginning we was offering only island tours - guided in german language. our german guided tours are running under the name  Boa Vista Tours


From 2012 we start to charter a small catamaran and offered whale watching trips - also only in german. After the whale watching season we start our new idea: fish, chill & grill tour. an offer for everybody with some fishing, snorkeling, relax and of course the delicius beach bbq. Soon it was a very requested tour and in 2014 we decided to look for our own boat.


At the internet we was checking a lot of boats, most located in Spain. We found about 5 interesting objects and so Frank travel to Spain. Unfortunately it was very disappointing, because the reality had nothing to do, with the pictures they send us by mail. So he came back without a purchase agreement and we put our project "on ice". We spend a lot of money for nothing.


Middle of 2015 we found again a very nice boat, also in Spain (closed to Malaga) and we decide to give it one more try. This time we was really lucky and Frank bought the boat - our lady "Simply No Stress".


Beginning of October then starts the big adventure: Frank bring the boat from Spain to Boa Vista. You can be sure, it was not without trouble, but after 15 days he arrived safe on Boa Vista. From then starts the  successful way of our motor yacht. Already after 1 week we had the touristic licence in our hands and we start our tours.


The next whale watching season then showed us that we did the completly right decision with that boat: no other whale watching boat here on Boa Vista has the same success rate like we have.


End of 2019 we decide to grow our fleet with the catamaran "Maximus". Unfortunately the contract negotiations was very difficuilt - so we could not found a solution till March 2020. And then COVID-19 stopps us. Because there was  a lot of money to invest into the catamaran we was unfortunately not able at that time to go on with that project.


Beginning of 2021 the former owner of the "blue fever" get in contact with us, because he want to sell his boat. Because he know about our experience on the ocean here on Boa Vista, he prefered us as a new owner for his boat. But still Covid stopped us and our business, so the only possibility was, to find an investor for that project. And it didn't took long time to find one. So the story of our company can go on and with that especially for fishing constructed boat we can offer nice fishing adventures now to our clients.


.... to be continued ....