whale watching trip - goosebumps moments

Humpback whales & their babies off the coast of Boavista - season March till May

the 2019 season was again spectacular and very successful. our success rate was again 95%!!! in total 20 different babies could be identified and we had incredible goose bumps. of course, a little bit of luck is always required to be at the right place at the right time. also very important: a crew with the right eye and the experience to spot the whales & the right boat, which offers you the right view and enough speed to reach whales further away in a reasonable time.


the Cape Verde Islands are one of the most important breeding grounds for humpback whales. from June to January you can meet them in the north of the Atlantic Ocean before they migrate to the warm waters of the Cape Verde Islands during the mating season. in January / February, the first North Atlantic humpback whales reach the coasts of Boa Vista to mate here or give birth to their babies the following year. they can often be seen from the beach, but mostly quite far out at sea. In order to be as close as possible to them, we recommend a "Whale-Watching-Tour" with our yacht. the whale watching tours start in the beginning/mid-March and end in the middle/end of May.

Humpback whales are very acrobatic: they jump out of the sea (this is called "breaching"), look out of the sea with their heads (called "spy hopping"), hit the water with their tail fin (fluke) (called "tail slapping") or hit the sea with their huge fins. Bbt sometimes we only see their humps and flukes when they dive back into the sea.

This is what you can expect on the day of your Wahle Watching Tour:

you will be picked up at your hotel at the time confirmed by us. then we will go to the capital Sal Rei to the harbour, where we will transfer to the yacht by dinghy.


on board our seaworthy yacht you will be met by a crew with 12 years of experience in whale watching tours off Boa Vista. our biologist will first give you a personal, detailed, english-speaking briefing with many interesting facts about the humpback whales.


we are very happy to have scientific support on board again this year through the cooperation with the local agency "Naturalia": all tours are accompanied by local biologists, so that none of your questions remain unanswered.


after the briefing, we go out to sea at a moderate speed, where good eyes are needed to spot the whales. we will need patience and of course a bit of luck - after all, this is a natural spectacle.


after about 3 hours we return to the harbour and go back to the hotel.

the special experience with us: this year for the first time we offer a full day whale watching tour (7 hours). why? this gives us the opportunity to go all the way to the south of the island (Santa Monica and Lacacao). the experiences of the last years have shown that there are a lot of whales in the south. of course we also have sandwiches and snacks on board for this tour.


depending on wind and weather you should have a jacket with you on the tour. you should also be prepared to get a little wet. protect yourself against the sun and a (tight) headgear may be advisable. and don't forget your camera.


extra service only at Sea Adventures Boavista: since not every guest is equipped with a good camera and it is not always easy to get a good photo of the whales, we will send you photos taken by us free of charge by e-mail on request.

What is the advantage of a whale watching tour with our motor yacht compared to a tour with a sailing boat / catamaran?

the deck of the "Simply No Stress" is already about 2 meters above sea level. if you take a seat on our flybridge or our sun deck, you will sit another 1-2 meters higher. this gives you a much wider and better view of the animals, even when the waves are rough. imagine you are sitting only about 1 meter above sea level: then you are mostly just looking at the waves :-) we can also spot whales further away.
sometimes we are lucky and the first animals appear directly near the coast. but this is not always the case. but with our yacht we have the chance to reach whales seen far away in a short time. as soon as we get close to the animals, the speed is of course slowed down, because our first priority is the well-being and protection of the whales.
the yacht offers sun and shade and if it is too fresh in the wind you can even take a seat in the spacious cabin.

Are the whales disturbed by the noise of the engines?

the last few years have given us a very clear answer to this question: NO. it is even important to approach the animals slowly with a motor so that the whales can perceive an echosounder.
it is important to behave correctly when approaching the animals. in the last few years we have had encounters with the whales where they have approached our yacht to within a few metres. the important thing is to reduce the speed as much as possible when approaching the whales. as far as possible boats should not approach the animals from behind or from the front, but only parallel to them.
it is even forbidden to be near the whales only under sail - without an engine - as this will deprive them of the possibility of orientation.

Are there rules for whale watching tours on Boa Vista?

unfortunately, there is no obligation to have a biologist on board, so many boats simply do what they want and do not follow the code of conduct established by our local biologists. this code contains the following (unfortunately unofficial) rules:

  • boats should move as parallel as possible to the whales, not directly from behind, not directly from the front and also not directly from the side. of course this is not always easy to follow, because most of the time we don't know where the giants will appear next. therefore it is also important to reduce the speed as soon as we get close to the animals
  • adult animals should be kept at a distance of 60 m, mothers with babies at 100 m. our whales here sometimes have their own ideas and come very close to our boat. in this case the boat will of course just stay in place and will not be navigated at this moment
  • max. 3 boats should be in the approach zone of a whale group at the same time. in the close observation area if possible only 1 boat. this is especially important for mothers with babies
  • mothers with babies should not be observed for more than 30 minutes. of course this should always be decided on the basis of the behaviour of the animals. an acrobatically playing baby with a relaxed mummy can be observed for a longer time; however, if a mother with her baby is rather fast and thus shows that she wants more distance, the time should be kept much shorter. adult animals should not be observed at close range for more than 45 minutes
  • if we find adult animals that dive for a long time, there is a possibility that they sing. we can find this out with a hydrophone. if a singing is audible, the motor can be turned off for a short time to record the singing. otherwise the motor should always be running so that the whales have an orientation where the boat is

How far out to sea do we have to go to see whales?

this varies greatly. there are tours where we just drive out of the harbour and have the first whale right in front of the boat. most of the time you have to drive a little further to see these wonderful creatures. sometimes it is up to 7 miles out to sea. on other days it can happen that they are very close to the coast. either to the north or in the bay of Chaves. unfortunately, one cannot rely on that.

How much experience do we have with whale watching tours?

the crew on our boat has been successfully at sea for over 12 years in the whale watching season. such a well-trained eye and especially the experience of approaching the animals cannot be replaced by luck. from year to year we see an increase in our success rate in sightings and especially in the close encounters with the animals.

What happens if the waves or the wind are too strong?

in this case it can happen that we have to cancel or postpone a tour at short notice. we will then of course offer you an alternative date. dear guests - we are not doing this to annoy you, but only for safety reasons. our motto "Safety first" is for your safety and well-being. last season we did not have to postpone a tour. we are aware of the fact that other tour operators, despite very bad forecasts, still run their tours, but for our company we make decisions that are not necessarily based on making money, but on providing you with great experiences.

And another very important final word:

as this is a natural spectacle, there is no guarantee that we will see whales on every tour.

we know that our videos and pictures raise very high expectations, but please remember this: during the whale watching season we are out at sea almost every morning and afternoon. that is a total of many hours in which we take photos and videos of the animals. your whale watching tour, on the other hand, lasts about 3 (or 7) hours. since the whales do not perform their acrobatic skills on order, there is of course not always a big "Specctacolo". sometimes we only have to be satisfied with the sighting of a fin.

tip: if you are not sure about your seaworthiness, it is best to take a travel tablet the evening before, and then a second travel tablet before the start of the tour.
if you do not have any travel tablets with you, we will be happy to supply you on the boat. However, you will achieve better results as described above

included services

  • transfer from/to hotel
  • drinks on board
  • for the full day tour including snacks & sandwiches
  • biologist on board
  • pictures of the tour by mail
  • english-speaking guide

Dauer Preise  
3 Stunden per person 60 euro
  children 4-11 years 40 euro
  children up to 3 years free
  ab RIU Touareg

additional 10 euro per person / child

7 Stunden per person

145 euro

  children 4-11 years

95 euro

  children up to 3 years


  ab RIU Touareg

additional 10 euro per person / child

our motor yacht "Simply No Stress" was built in 1990 for a spanish casino owner in american style. after we bought the yacht in August 2015, Frank transferred it from Malaga to Boavista via Gibraltar, the west coast of Africa and Lanzarote at the beginning of October.

comfortably you cruise with us through the azure blue ocean along the coast of Boavista. we offer you extraordinary tours with variety and fun. due to the height of our yacht you have a wonderful view. the yacht offers you comfortable berths and seats. the sun burns too hot? no problem, because we also have places in the shade. come on board and enjoy in small groups the trip along the beautiful coast of Boavista - of course accompanied by english speaking tour guide Andrea (together with Frank the owner of the yacht).


technical data:

  • 15 m long & 5 m wide
  • 750 HP (2 x 8 cylinder Caterpillar)
  • Gross weight 25 tons
  • spacious flybridge with upholstered benches
  • large padded sun deck
  • after deck with upholstered benches & table
  • sun & shade places
  • electric toilet
  • seaworthy yacht with all safety equipment

if you are not sure about your seaworthiness, we recommend that you take a travel tablet beforehand.

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